Laragon isn't truly portable? [ERROR] Cannot open Windows EventLog; check privileges, or start server with --log_syslog=0

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    I cannot (it is not possible) load admin in my environment.
    But I can NO longer access my SQL database from PHP at ALL.

    I would love to see the errors, but the only error it says is available is supposed to be piped to the Windows EventLog.

    I am COMPLETELY stuck on my project and can't proceed at all.

    Laragon is uspposed to work out of the box, but instead, it gave me just enough hope to fail. I'm 80% done with my project and have to look at a whole other (ACTUALLY PORTABLE) system to try to complete my project if this can't be addressed.

    The issue I have is this:
    From the console I can connect to the database.
    From PHP I CAN NO LONGER connect to the database at all. It freezes the whole project (even if I just have a simple message output on error). I want to be able to use this system, but I am finding that I can't debug this issue. I know that everything else can connect, but I don't know if the problem is in the server, the PHP module, or the mysqli apache module.
    The (no longer up or working) website cache says there is a console mode, but I would have no idea how to load that in Laragon.

    Can anyone provide ANY assistance?

    As stated before, Admin is NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL.


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    @f0ru0l0rd : The error looks strange to me. It looks like permission issue.

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    Do you have any other XAMPP applications running? Maybe skype port to 80? Please let us know so we can assist. If you want I can help v an PM

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