Laragon Full 4.0.16 - Service Apache can not start

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    I've installed Laragon 4.0.16 on a Windows 10 Pro machine, but now I'm having trouble with Apache starting. Probably easiest to have a look at the picture below. I've tried installing new versions of both Apache & PHP to no avail.


    It was working fine before, but I got an error message and uninstalled/reinstalled unfortunately so I'm not sure what's going on.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    The error states Apache could not bind to port 443, my guess is you already have something else running on port 443.

    • Laragon > Menu > Tools > Netstat. You should see an entry like this:
      TCP                LISTENING       476     C:\laragon\bin\apache\httpd-2.4.35-win64-VC15\bin\httpd.exe

    If you have another program running, stop it, or uninstall it. IF you need the other program then change the port Laragon uses:

    • Laragon > Menu > Preferences > Services & Ports tab, change the SSL port, e.g. 443 > 8443 or un-tick the Enabled box.

    After installing/uninstalling try a reboot too. Sometimes that clears the memory and ports.

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    And Skype is the usual suspect.

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