Phpmyadmin error

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    I have a problem with phpmyadmin, do you have any idea what it is? is version 4.8.5![alt text](0_1599777546536_Screenshot_1.png image url)

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    I also got this error, I fixed it by going to import tab and uploading the file create_tables.sql on {LARAGON_DIR}\etc\apps\phpMyAdmin\sql

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    Hi everyone, i have the same problem, but one question where do you find that file : create_tables.sql ?
    thank you

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    Hi everyone, i checked the files on {LARAGON_DIR}\etc\apps\phpMyAdmin\sql and found a file named create_tables.sql. Then the file is already there and the problem does NOT come from it.
    Is it a version Pb ?
    Can anyone help me please ?

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    Hi everyone, i have found that php 7.4.0 was the problem.
    If i come back to PHP 7.2.19 i don't have this error : fatal javascript error...
    any idea ?
    thank you

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    @dry52 problem resolved tank you so much

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