Where is the PHP Config module?

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    I am having trouble using the Xdebug extension inside PHPStorm. I have read that the solution is to disable the symlink in the PHP config module to the OpCache.

    Secondly, which php.ini is the active one? Have have a development, a production and a non descript one.

    Thanks !

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    See the PhpStorm guide and video here:

    Open Laragon, Menu > PHP > php.ini

    The PHP.ini will open the for the selected version of PHP.


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    @Pen-y-Fan Thank you for the rapid reply. I think the PHP config module is different from the PHP.ini file. Im looking at a successful reply on StackOverflow to my problem and they say to solve it I must:

    Disable the OpCache module by removing the symlink in the PHP modules config and you're able to see the local vars as expected.

    The full response is here: (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50611743/why-are-variables-not-showing-in-the-debug-window-in-phpstorm)

    Essentially my problem is that Xdebug with Laragon is not delivering all the values in the Xdebug variables tab.

    Thanks !

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    Sorry, I'm confused, I need more information on your setup, the SO link is to do with a docker config. Not Laragon.

    Your CLI Interpreters in PhpStorm should be setup something like this for Debugging with Laragon:




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