Not able to enable Auto create virtual hosts

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    Re: Not able to enable Auto create virtual hosts

    After looking for a solution for hours I decided to post here.
    It has been impossible for me to lauch the wordpress site I've tried to install using Quick App feature.
    Each time I try to access to the url from the virtual host it returns an error message showing it's impossible to find the server IP address.

    I've already shut down my antivirus and verified files from System32 > drivers > etc not to be in read-mode.

    Any idea would be very welcome as I've been trying to use this for more than 10 hours now without any success.


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    @wissiyou : Can you show detailed of the error here?

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    Thanks a lot for replying ...

    I'll leave here all screenshots from my preferences and the error which is return (it's french).
    The error means : "Unable to find the IP address of the montevseo.test server"

    **1 - the error **
    This error is shown on the browser when I enter the 'domain.test' in the url


    2 - I've installed a wordpress site using Quick Apps
    here is the screenshot from the www folder


    2 - Localhost is fine and returns correct message


    3 - Those are my preferences screenshots
    I've installed a new php version and phpmyadmin



    4 - When I try to enable Auto Hosts it returns this message but unfortunately I've tried to unable several times the antivirus and allow permissions on host file without any success.






    I really don't know what to do next as I've already followed several topics reporting this problem and youtube videos. Nothing works for me, so any idea would be very welcome.

    Thanks a lot

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    @wissiyou : After following the instructions, you need to re-enable Laragon's auto virtual hosts on Menu > Preferences

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    Thanks for the answer

    I've just followed the thread but nothing works.
    It seems this line ""Security > write : yes" is the problem


    I have already disabled my antivirus but it still shows this message ...
    Any idea where I can edit this option from ?

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