Does Laragon terminal support CLI for archiving (zip, tar etc) ?

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    I need to archive a folder with the size of 100+GB and thought it might be faster to do this using CLI compared to running 7zip on my local. So..

    1. Does Laragon terminal support CLI for archiving?
    I tried tar -zcf 2020.tar.gz 2020/ and it returned
    tar: 2020: Couldn't find file: Invalid argument
    tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

    2. If Yes, may I know what's the right command to archive?

    3. Out of curiosity, will zipping over CLI compared to 7zip be notably faster?

    Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

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    @dannyfoo : The answer is: Yes.
    You made mistake in your question 1. Where is the 2020?
    After fixing it, you can answer question 2 and 3 yourself.

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    Hey Leo, thank you for the response.

    1. Managed to correct that after posting this :grimacing:

    2. Feels about the same :thinking:

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