Laragon WordPress installs totally FUBAR

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    Laragon worked well for me and then BOOM out went everything preventing the installation and configuration of WordPress.

    The long story short is the install and configuration is totally FUBAR related to my ignorance of installing MySQL versions side-by-side on the same machine: MySQL 5.x followed by MySQL 8.x to be specific. I've uninstalled and reinstalled --everything-- falling back to just 5.x and Laragon 4.x stil won't allow me to create the database for WordPress and bombs out.

    I get the fact that the root password for the database and PhpMyAdmin can be and are the same but Laragon never knows what the password is and bombs out putting me on the change root password or the reset and generate password merry-go-round as they no not function either.

    To get even crazier Quick app (spoardically) decides to allow me to create an instance of WordPress and then when I try to load it I get the typical WordPress "database connection error" discovering Laragon created the WordPress project on the disk and Laragon created the database but there's no tables in the database.

    Lastly when I use Laragon to "stop" it kills the MYSQL57 service I have to manually restart by using Task Manager.

    I've been reading and applying and hacking away for a week and I'm out of clues and have no idea how to get back to a stable implementation. Help doesn't speak loudly enough right now...

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    @ClintonGallagher :

    1. If you want to use MySQL outside Laragon, please uncheck MySQL from Menu > Services and Ports
    2. If you want to go with Laragon, you should uninstall other MySQL otherwise it will cause unexpected issue (port confliction,...)

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