Request for future release in laragon

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    Request for future release in laragon:

    apache and nginx
    sites-enabled folder auto pickup and set in HOST file and SSL

    just like and you create a folder in www.

    @leokhoa will be possible?

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    @kaxias : Could you please provide more details?

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    I'm sorry for my bad English.

    what I want to see in laragon is.
    be able to create a proxy file for apache or nginx
    and laragon will ignore the folder www,
    do changes normally on HOST file and auto.openssl.conf automatic.

    I hope you understood me.

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    @kaxias Looks like what you're asking is already there. In fact, laragon creates automatic apache & nginx configuration while creating the app, which points to www directory. You can just remove auto. prefix to put your own configuration. Just checkout c:/laragon/etc/apache2/sites-enabled and c:/laragon/etc/nginx/sites-enabled. Am I right about your query or is there something else you need?

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    @riyaz7us, not that. what I just need put a file inside folder sites-enabled without need to create a folder inside www
    and have laragon pick up and do the rest normally

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    I do make a lot of project flask and django sou a have created many proxy files alter all manually that take time to do.

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