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    This is something so simple that I had done previously, but not sure what changed and it doesnt work anymore. Below is my scenario.

    1. For eg. I have a static public ip, I am pointing dev.mydomain.com from my domain registrar to ->
    2. I opened port 80 via my router.
    3. I am expecting dev.mydomain.com to show Laragon Getting Started page or Document Root: C:/laragon/www but it is not resolving. I am getting a ""Invalid Host Header". Only local IP, computer hostname or localhost ( works.

    Just to make sure weather it windows/firewall/isp or anything else that is causing this, I installed XAMPP (which I used to use, and I am able to resolve XAMPP landing page using dev.mydomain.com

    I love laragon and hope I can resume using it.

    I have tried https://forum.laragon.org/topic/88/allow-outside-other-devices-phones-tablets-to-access-your-local-server-using-ngrok/2 this and I did have success with ngrok URLS. But I am trying to simply access my local server via dev.mydomain.com


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