Caching; memcached vs redis...

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    Has anyone done a performance test?

    I also assume it's best to use one, rather than both?

    I've tried out each but not measured performance.

    I think redis is working better for me (as said, unmeasured) - they both significantly improve performance.

    The usual workload I would imagine when typically developing a WordPress site might be:, wp-site.duplicated (original) and perhaps a wp-site.test. That's sorta me - three sites up, but messing with the .dev site of course mainly.

    Also wondering if anyone's noted any debugging problems with caching enabled, eg. VS Code / Felix Becker's PHP Debug?

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    @DuncanMcCNZ : Redis supports a lot of data types and easy to manage + debug. It is very fast and our time is precious so it is better go with Redis.

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