How to create subdomains and domains separate in Laragon?

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    In our project, we have the backend [laravel] hosted on the domain. For example:

    Our frontend Vue app hosted on the root domain: (

    How to accomplish this in Laragon?

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    Any update @leokhoa

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    1. First, add to hosts file
    2. Add to the correspond Virtual Host. Remember to remove the auto. prefix of the file so Laragon will respect your changes.
    3. Reload Apache.

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    Actually, I followed this guide and did the following thing.

    1. Here is the etc\hosts file	   domain.test       #vue      api.domain.test   #laragon magic!  
    2. Renamed the "domain" to "api.domain" in laragon\www folder.

    3. Removed auto. prefix and now currently the file looks like this laragon\etc\apache2\sites-enabled\api.domain.test.conf

    It's still not working..

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    When accessing the api.domain.test, it displaying Laravel UI(Which is okay and expected!) But, when I access the domain.test it displays the laragon default view template?

    I hope you get what i'm saying. :) @leokhoa

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