PDOException on fresh installation fo Laragon

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    I just installed the newest Laragon 2.05 on my Win 7 system.
    Before that I uninstalled the old version and deleted all old folders.
    Then I imported old databases, defined users and were about to start developing....

    Then I got this when attempting to connect to databases:

    PDOException in Connector.php line 119:
    SQLSTATE[HY000] [1524] Plugin '*EB195577BB353438B0F766D7A7B23D2ECAC518F7' is
    /not loaded

    The error appears on all projects: old, which were working perfecly on previous Laragon, and even a fresh Laravel 5.3 app
    Any ideas?

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    @Gavagai : You might create some other MySQL's users before.
    Laragon 2.0.5 uses MySQL 5.7.13 so you faced the issue.
    You can fix the issue by adding another MariaDB:

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