How to import a website into Laragon

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    Sorry for the Newb question. I think I used to know this but have not used Laragon in awhile. I am taking over a website to work on. I grabbed the website files using FTP and copied them into my local repo folder. It is a PHP site. When I choose it from the laragon menu it does not run as I am used to.

    I'd sure appreciate it if someone would point me to the instructions I need to move forward. Seems like I am forgetting a step.


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    @Steve make a new folder in the www folder (my-new-website)
    copy the files in the new folder that you created
    restart apache

    probably you need to create a database manually and import your old db content

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    @Steve is a complex procedure because you need know some things about the site.
    You need the name of DATABASE for create your own database in a local development and import de .sql file (previously exported from original hosting).

    You need to know the user and password of the old database (from the original hosting) and create it on your local dev. Or change the user, password, database and HOSTING (very important).

    Afther that, you can try to restart apache, mysql (and basically all Laragon server) and crose your fingers.

    You can try too the import tutorials from others local devs (WAMP, XAMPP, etc) written by leokhoa.

    P.D.: If the orginal database is larger than 1GB (because a security time scripts reason) probably you need to export the database in parts (all this procedure is possible inside PHPMyAdmin).

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    Re: How to import a website into Laragon
    I am revisiting this. I have a bit more info now. It appears that this site I am trying to get running is actually an ASP (Active Server Pages) Site. I did a search on "Laragon ASP" and saw one hit but there was not enough info for me to know if I am at a dead end or not.
    Is there a way to set this site up in my Laragon Repo and get it to run?

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    @Steve ASP website runs on Internet Information Services (IIS). You need to enable it through "Turn Windows features on or off". You will need to copy the project directory to "C:\inetpub\wwwroot".

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    Thanks @pyhoon
    I enabled IIS but got a few error messages, one of which suggests that might not be installed. It looks to me like it is not. When I went to download it I got a message that says "Using Visual Studio? This release is only compatible with Visual Studio 2019 (v16.8). Using a different version? See .NET SDKs for Visual Studio."
    What do you think. If I plan to use Visual Code Studio which version of do you think?

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    I heard it's the best practice to start a new WordPress site in Laragon, install it -All in one plug- there, and import files of the "old" site on a new WordPress. Then you can move on with editing that site.

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    @Steve First, check your file names are ending with .ASP or .ASPX. If they are something look like index.asp then it is Classic ASP website. You don't need to install ASP.NET or Visual Studio. To enable Classic ASP to run in IIS, you need to change some settings such as ISAPI Extensions and Static Content. You need to tell us what OS you are using and the IIS version. You may need to google for the solutions. Here is an example:

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