Can you add October cms to the Quick App installer?

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    I am wanting to try and install October CMS using Laragon. Is it possible to add October into the Quick App area? If you can add this link ('') to the configuration file what about the database portion?

    Thank you ahead of time!

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    Yes, you can have October CMS in the Quick App area. Just add this line to your configuration file.

    October CMS=composer create-project october/october %s

    After it downloads you will need to install it using this command
    "php artisan october:install" and for updating you need to use "php artisan october:update".

    You can find command list here

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    Sorry just seeing this! Thank you @Mazikis !! I will give it a shot as soon as possible! Be great if that worked ;-)

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    Finally getting back to this project :) so I was able to add October to the Quick App installer and was given the url to visit the project using Laragon. That part seems fine, but whenI try to visit the Backend page it says DATABASE MISSING
    A database is required to access the back-end. Check the database is configured and migrated before trying again.

    This is my first try at October and I'm not sure what to do next... :/ Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thank you!!

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    Can anyone help with the database missing question or should I start a new thread? Think I need help with the database migrating upon install?
    Thank you!

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    @fourwhitesocks examine phpinfo() function output and make sure that needed pdo driver is loaded. I had the same issue with not loaded.

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