composer: command not found

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    I run
    $ composer -V
    As the result I have:
    bash: composer: command not found
    Could anybody explain why?

    There are 3 files in /c/laragon/bin/composer directory: composer; composer.phar; composer.bat (windows10)
    Do I have composer installed?
    How can I check whether composer is installed properly?

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    @dimad3 : How about using Laragon's Terminal (Menu > Laragon > Terminal)?

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    1. In the composer directory, run the composer.phar or composer.bat if it opens, check if it works by entering composer -v

    2. If it works well there, then you have to add the path. Use Laragon (Menu > Tools > Path > Add Laragon to Path)

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    Thank you! Running:
    λ composer -V
    from Laragon's Terminal is ok!
    Does it mean I should use ONLY Laragon's Terminal for running Composer’s commands?

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