Add Adminer?

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    Perhaps Adminer is something for Laragon?
    It supports MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Oracle.

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    It is already available in Laragon.
    It is stored in C:\laragon\etc\apps\adminer

    If you are using recent version of Laragon, you can change the Database button to open Adminer.

    Edit C:\laragon\usr\laragon.ini and add the following lines (and restart Laragon):
    Database=Adminer: "http://localhost:8000/adminer/"

    If you have downloaded the latest version of adminer, just rename the file as C:\laragon\etc\apps\adminer\index.php

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    I didn't realise Laragon allready comes with Adminer, kind of hidden treasure.
    Thanks for the helpfull feedback.

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