Use cmder with php storm

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    Hi I try to use cmder in phpstorm terminal, I followed steps That I've found on this forum :

    1 - set CMDER_ROOT path variable

    2 - set "cmd.exe" /k ""%CMDER_ROOT%\vendor\init.bat"" in setting for phpstorm terminal

    But It's not working (The specified path was not found.)

    When I try to run directly init.bat I've got :

    C: \ laragon \ bin \ cmder> cd vendor

    C: \ laragon \ bin \ cmder \ vendor> init.bat
    Generating clink initial settings in "C: \ config \ settings"
    Additional * .lua files in "C: \ config" are loaded on startup.
    The specified path was not found.
    Creating initial user-aliases store in "C: \ config \ user-aliases.cmd" ...
    The specified path was not found.
    '"C: \ config \ user-aliases.cmd"' is not recognized as an internal command
    or external, an executable program or a batch file.
    Creating user startup file: "C: \ usr \ user.cmd"
    The specified path was not found.

    Can someone help me ?

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    Setting Shell Path in Settings > Tools > Terminal to C:\laragon\bin\cmder\cmder.bat works.

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