Restore database after update mySQL

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    I'm using laragon for my project, today (unfortunately) y has a problem with my SSD (C:) and I have to format all, my project was located is D:\ but MySql was not working, I updated from MySql 5.7.24 to 8.0.23

    before doing that, I have saved database files and old MySQL files, now I don't have my database, my localhost is empty

    I have files in .frm, .ibd from the database (my tables) and I have my old MySQL files (.MYI, .MYD, .frm, .ibd, etc)

    How can I restore my database in mySQL-8?

    the original database folder is located in laragon\data. I have to move it?

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    Your question is not clear. However, you can:

    1. Back to MySQL 5.7.24
    2. Dump your database to a sql file
    3. Switch to MySQL 8
    4. Restore from the dumped sql file

    Note: If you have no purpose to upgrade, you should stay with MySQL 5.7

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    @leokhoa the problem is when I'm trying to run MySQL 5.7 I get this error
    "mysqld.exe - error in application
    "application can not start correctly (0xc0000007b)
    Click on accept to close"

    The Laragon window is stucked in "Initializing data... laragon\data\mysql"

    If I switch to MySQL 8 everything is correct, but I don't have my database

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