MySQL can not start (0xc0000007b)

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    Hello, due to problems with my SSD I had to format it.

    when I'm trying to start Laragon I get this message


    Application can not start correctly (0xc000007b)

    I updated to MySQL 8 with this tutorial and this solution and all it's okay with MySQL 8

    but I lost my database, all my tables.
    I have a backup from .frm and .ibd files, and older mySQL folder (with .frm, .MYD, .CSM, .CSV, .MYI files)

    How can I restore my database?

    Or how can I repair this problem with MySQL 5.7? with 5.7.33 I have the same problem. MySQL 5.7.33 has been downloaded 3 times today.

    When I try to execute this command
    "start mysqld" I get this error in cmder


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    @andrecuellar : Your computer has issue with MySQL 5.7.33. To get back your data:

    1. Create another Windows server (using AWS) or setup Laragon on another server.
    2. Copy your data to the server
    3. Dump your data to sql file

    When you have the sql file, you know next steps, right?

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