Cannot access Wordpress on LAN computers.

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    On the computer where Laragon is installed I can access the WordPress installations by typing Where xxx is the name of the WordPress install.

    On other computer on the LAN I can ping, and when I enter I see the Laragon screen. But, when I enter, after a few seconds the typed in address changes to https://localhost/xxx and it says that it is unable to connect.

    Any ideas?

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    For hours, I've been searching for a solution for this and it really has me stumped.

    I can ping the host and, as stated, I see the Largon screen when I enter that address into the browser. But, I just cannot access the WordPress sites at all.

    It keeps changing the entered URL from: to: https://localhost/test and says, "Unable to connect".

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    Found it.

    In one of the WordPress installations, in the wp-options table, the site URL was set to localhost instead of http:\

    I don't ever recall setting it WP so a mistake somehow was made when I did the WP install.

    What confused me was that I used the WP instance on the install computer for some months, and, since it was looking for localhost and finding it, there was never a problem. Only when I tried to log into it on another network computer did the problem pop up.

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