Connecting to MYSQL through HeidiSQL

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    I am getting error when I am trying to connect to the MYSQL in Laragon through HeidiSQL.

    SQL Error (1146):
    Table 'performance_schema.session_status' doesn't exist

    Does anyone know the proper steps to connect HeidiSQL with the MYSQL in Laragon?


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    I use WebYog, but I downloaded the portable version of Heidi and was able to connect without any problem. I took a look at the performance_schema database and I don't see a "session_status" table (not sure where you are defining session_status - but that could be your problem).

    Steps I used :

    • Downloded HeidiSQL portable.
    • Extracted to a folder, ran executable.
    • Pressed the "New Session" button.
    • Provided MySql username/password for connection.
    • Pressed the "Open" button.

    Connected, no issue.

    EDIT : session tables available in performance schema db.

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    I have the same problem here

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    On my.ini, please add show_compatibility_56=on
    Suggestion from @kaxias

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    nice it's worked

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