Laragon combining slash and backslash in laravel project

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    Hello all,
    First of all let me congrat leokhoa for this amazing software we btw get for free.
    I didn't have any problems until now when my laravel setup doesn't work returning the following error where slash and backslash seems to be part of the same path:
    Warning: require(C:\Laragon\www\laravel\tax-service-web-ui\public/../vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream

    If needed i can provide extra info.
    Many many thanks for helping me,

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    It looks like your folder is nested one level too deep. Try moving the folder tax-service-web-ui so it is under www:

    • From: C:\Laragon\www\laravel\tax-service-web-ui\public
    • To: C:\Laragon\www\tax-service-web-ui\public

    You can rename the folder to laravel-tax-service-web-ui, if you want. Restart the apache server and you should be good to go.

    You can nest folders, but you need to manually configure the apache settings and host file, as you lose the Laragon magic.

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    Thank you Pen-y-Fan :thumbsup_tone1: for complete answer.
    Can you please notice that i'm using nginx so to point me what to change in nginx configuration?
    I presume that i still have to move the tax-service-web-ui so it's under www.

    Many thanks for taking time looking into this matter.

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