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    Hi all,

    I have started using laragon for about 2 weeks. Previously I was able to access my domain url and able to see all my pages and flow of my project. But just today, after doing a composer upgrade to its latest version, I could still go to my domain url, however it only displays out a blank page and nothing is loaded. Even as I enter in url that does not exist in my project, it doesn't show the 404 Error page and just display a blank page. I checked with my blade.php and routes file there isn't any change with them.

    What could have went wrong and causing this issue?

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    Update: Hi I realised my php artisan commands are totally missing as well, what should I do to resolve this?


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    @junmingyeo : Your PHP is not in PATH. You can add it using Menu > Tools > Paths

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    @leokhoa Thanks for your response! I figured out it was due to my route file having a dd(); inside which caused this issue.

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