Laragon is very slow :(

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    Ever since I tried Laragon, I adopted it: fantastic.

    But for the past few days he has been extremely slow. 30 seconds to respond to a local request. whereas the same request on my remote server takes less than a second. My local database is almost empty in addition

    2 days that I am looking but I do not see anything.

    php7.2 or 7.4 it's the same

    apache or ngix is ​​the same.

    If you have an idea


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    @jzijp : I believe it is not related to Laragon but your OS and your network. Did you upgrade Windows recently?
    However download a portable version of Laragon (extract to any dir) and test?

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    My guess the issue is from your PC hard disk some process obstruct your local object, try deploy your local object on NFS hard disk letter, and try to run command php artisan optimize if your local object is laravel.

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