How to add ngrok auth token?

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    Hello, I wanted to use my ngrok account but the problem is, ngrok is not reading the config file and when trying to use example.test domain from normal cmd it's exploring all the laragon base folder.
    Please help.

    1. Add ngrok authtoken for laragon>www>share
    2. How to share my local named domain? If sharing example.test it is sharing the whole laragon base folder, which I don't want.

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    I am able to add (C:\laragon\bin\ngrok\conf\example.yml) authtoken:asdfsdfasdfasdfxxxx in the first line, and it is successfully getting my account details but. it's not the solution or fixes.

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    Hi, I was searching the same. I tried running the command "ngrok authtoken ..." from Laragon Terminal, but then when executing ngrok via "Share" function the authtoken is ignored. So what @debjit has found seems a sort of solution.

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