Using Laravel with Laragon on Local Network

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    I try to understand what i need to do to use laragon for hosting a laravel apps on a local network.

    For now, i have to use the full url to access to my app :

    What is necessary to have that king of url ?


    I have try some stuff on the Virtual host, but nothing is working. And off course, i can't keep the full adress because anybody can explore all the root file of my laravel app.

    Thanks a lot

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    @digitecpgi Laragon will detect your project and automatically configure Pretty URLs, see: Docs > Pretty URLs for more details.

    For Laragon to work its magic the project should be off the www directory. e.g. c:\laragon\www\my-app.

    Laragon will configure the pretty URL and add it to your hosts file.

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