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    Would be great to have Laragon work with snapshots.
    For example, at some projects I use PHP7.13 and composer 1-9-x and some PHP modules enabled.

    For that I have to switch version of PHP, got to Laragon/bin/composer and overwrite the composer version, add laragon to path, restart it and (sometimes) logoff to have env variables updated.

    Now, when I get to other projects they work with PHP 7.2... / composer 2 ,some other PHP modules enabled and I have to repeat the whole step.

    Now, that is not a problem. Can be done, but ... would be great to easely switch between this kind of versions just by clicking and restarting.

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    php is very difficult but very easy for potential users.

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    @franciscboicu I use Docker as well as Laragon. Docker is perfect for the exact environment for the project. Laragon is perfect for the added tools as well as running command-line scripts.

    I hope this helps.

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