HELP, my Laragon project keeps showing "It works" page

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    My laptop just restarted unfortunately while Laragon is running. Then, when my laptop is back on again, I open Laragon to run my app/project, but when I'm trying to access it (myweb.test), it keeps showing "it works" dialogue, I dont know whether it's an error or not.

    I've reloaded my Apache and it's just working fine, I stopped and started my Laragon and it's also working fine. But when I'm trying to access my project, it keeps showing "it works" page. Help me please.

    This "it works" thingy keeps happening whenever my laptop restarted without I stop the Laragon first, when I'm trying to access my project, "it works" dialogue page always show instead of my laravel app/project. So, I always uninstall my Laragon whenever this thing happens, and it will work fine again. but you know, I kinda tired to always uninstall it, I need simple solution:(


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