Unable to connect to Postgres - role 'postgres' doesn't exist

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    I downloaded binaries for PG 13 and decompress under bin\postgres\postgres...version...

    I restarted Laragon and postgres started well.

    Now I'm on pgadmin and I cannot connect to postgres.

    I'm trying to use postgres as username but it says me that postgres role doesn't exists.



    What's the trick?

    I alkso tried from command line (it's my first time with Postgresql since a lot of years)


    It looks for a db named 'mirko' ... I don't know why it's looking a db with my personal name as db name ... where does is this setup?

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    i still canot understand defaults ...


    But using mirko as username works from pgadmin

    Still I cannot login from command line

    I will delete pgsql instllation dir and data and restart .

    Is there anofficial guide to first run of pg under laragon?

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