Laragon Cmder Integration with Windows Terminal

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    Hi, I am trying to add laragon cmder shell into windows terminal.
    What I tried so far in windows terminal settings.json:

              "guid": "{00000000-0000-0000-ba54-000000000132}",
              "name": "Cmder",
              "commandline": "C:/laragon/bin/cmder/cmder.bat",
              "icon": " C:/laragon/bin/cmder/icons/cmder_blue.ico",
              "startingDirectory": "%USERPROFILE%"

    but this seems to be not working alright.

    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

    What am I do wrong here?

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    @aliahmadcse looking at this SO answer you need to use double backslashes. e.g. something like C:\\laragon\\bin\\cmder\\cmder.bat

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