How to start nodejs server

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    1. How to start nodejs server?

    2. What is the node server address? I have to put it in my web app settings so that it can find nodejs server.

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    @ugintl Laragon ships with Apache and Nginx. If you want a node server you will need to create one. e.g. Nodejs - Express

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    Sorry if I understand it wrongly, I think Laragon comes with Node.js preinstalled? Just open the cmder from your root folder C:\laragon\www\[yourapp] and then npm install. The default Node 12 version path is "C:\laragon\bin\nodejs\node-v12\node.exe"

    You can install Node 14 by downloading the zip file and extract it in the nodejs folder "C:\laragon\bin\nodejs\" And then change the default Laragon's Node.js directory by Open Laragon > Right click > Node.js > Version [Node-v12] > and select your new version.

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