impossible to access my projects in the laragon menu

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    I am migrating from wamp to laragon.
    I have migrated the "www" folder from wamp to laragon.
    My database manually via phpmyadmin.
    When I go to the "menu > www" and click on one of my projects this is what I get:
    alt text

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    I think the problem is there's no conf file for your app in Apache. Others might know the proper way, but my 'reverse' workaround is to install a new laravel app with your current app name. You may need to configure the Laravel version by editing/adding composer command line in sites.conf file from Right click > Quick app > Configurations...

    And after installation completed, just replace the newly-installed app folder with yours and then import your old database. I'm using the default HeidiSQL that comes with Laragon Right click > Laragon > Database

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    I found the solution, my antivirus block writing to the host file. All works fine :) thank you

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