BrowserSync is no longer linking to browser

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    When using using browsersync in a laravel project it no longer brings up my project in a new browser. Instead it keeps bringing up the page in the image below.

    I pass a proxy name like this mix.browswersync('projectname.text'); . It has always worked until recently. I recently installed Windows Installer and I think it has happened since then. I have since uninstalled Windows Installer and disabled Internet Information Services, but still no luck.

    I can open my projects into a browser from Laragon > www > Project name without issue and it uses the virutal hostname.

    Any ideas?



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    Have you checked your hosts file if any leftover ports from that Windows Installer?

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    I got it working. I tried a few things but I think what made it work was specifying the port with the name.


    This matched the port being used by nginx in Laragon.

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