New Drupal install, database default connection parameters

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    Re: Quick create websites/projects: Configuration file format

    I'm using the new Drupal site option in Laragon and can't find the default database name, username & password for the Drupal setup process. I've been using Laragon for Laravel for years, and love it, but this has me stumpped and my project is stalled out at the starting line. Please let me know what the defauts are or dierct me to the instrctions about how to setup a fresh Drupal 8 install - Thank you! :)

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    @hondaman900 the user documentation for Drupal: user guide

    I'm not sure what you are asking for the defaults. Laragon will automatically configure your host file and apache conf file for the name of your project. e,g, if you called it drupal8, in the laragon/www directory the website, by default, will be http://drupal8.local

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