How to create a Linux server quickly

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    In this tutorial, I will show how you can have a LAMP server in seconds with a program calls bitmana which is:

    • Scalable: you can upsize & downsize with ease. It also has automatic scaling.
    • Low costs (from less than $1/month):
    • Fast and secure but easy to operate


    Open Laragon's Terminal and type:


    If you see an error, you need to download bitmana:

    curl -OL && move bitmana-windows-386.exe C:/laragon/bin/bitmana.exe

    Change C:/laragon/ to your Laragon's installation dir if needed.


    1. Open Laragon's Terminal, and type:
    bitmana link YOUR-EMAIL

    YOUR-EMAIL: You need to register an accout at:
    Input your password and press Enter
    It will authenticate your system with

    1. Create a LAMP server:
    bitmana cs lamp

    lamp = LAMP stack. Just a few seconds, you have a server with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, composer

    Note your NODE_ID -> Id: xxxxx

    1. By default, your server is secure, to expose port 80, type:
    bitmana expose NODE_ID 80

    Note the exposed Url

    1. Browser the exposed Url, you'll see something like this:
    Welcome to Bitmana!
    If you see this page, the web server is successfully installed and working.

    It's cool, huh.
    Because your system is authenticated with, you can also ssh to the server with ease: bitmana ssh NODE_ID
    or run commands without accessing your server bitmana exec NODE_ID "service apache2 status; composer --version"
    or type bitmana info to list your servers.

    You can type: bitmana for more commands.


    I will help to create a similar system like Laragon on Linux in next tutorials.

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