Can't type in Cmder

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    I can't type anything in the Cmder terminal when I launch "Terminal", why is that? This is what I see and as you probably tell I can't even see the current directory:

    I am using:

    Apache httpd-2.435-win64-VC15 port 80
    MySQL mysql-5.7.24-windx64 s port 3306
    PHP version is 8
    NodeJS version is 15.14.0

    If I open up a new console I see the current directory path but I still can't type.

    I checked to see if I had Windows updates and it is not the case.

    I also cannot type in cmd which I think is what powers Cmder. I can type however on my other terminals such as Gitbash and Powershell.

    Restarting the console allows me to type 1 letter after it's been restarted.
    Restarting as admin does nothing.

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    @eduardonwa : Strange. Can you make a video?

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