PhpMyAdmin error...

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    I just had this error thrown at me when trying to access PhpMyAdmin:

    Uncaught TypeError: Return value of PhpMyAdmin\Response::isAjax() must be of the type boolean, null returned

    Error is thrown in following file:
    laragon\etc\apps\PhpMyAdmin\libraries\classes\Response.php on line 238

    I have two Laragon installations - one on my main drive and one on a mounted drive. I was trying to install a Drupal project on my mounted drive, but received a strange error due to the PHP version I was using. I changed my PHP version to 7.2, which seemed to work, but another error threw during the Drupal install (same database from initial installation). I deleted the Drupal project and database, tried to start over, and am now getting this error whenever I try to access phpmyadmin. Even my main installation is effected. Any ideas?

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    I also pulled this from the log:

    [Warning] Insecure configuration for --secure-file-priv: Current value does not restrict location of generated files. Consider setting it to a valid, non-empty path.

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    I just removed PhpMyAdmin by deleting the folders and reinstalled with the quickadd tool (also updated the default version to 5.1.0). It works, but I would still like to know what caused the error to begin with. If anyone else has come encountered a similar issue, I'd be interested to know what caused it.

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    Ok, I've got it all figured out. There was a conflict between the PHP version (7.2) and the opcache extension, which is required by Drupal. After the error was thrown, it was stored in my browser cache (I used the same port for mysql on both installations as well), which would cause the error to throw whenever I accessed phpmyadmin (clearing browser history fixed this for my main drive installation).

    To fix, I switched to PHP 7.4 and updated my phpmyadmin and Drupal quick installation. I also switched the mysql port to 3307 for my secondary laragon installation.

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