[Tutorial] How to add your favourite editor to Laragon and the Windows Right-Click Menu

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    With Laragon 2.1.0, you can use your favourite editor with Laragon and add it to the Right-Click Menu for quick access. In this article, we will add VS Code.

    1. Download VS Code:

    1. Extract the downloaded to: {LARAGON_ROOT}\bin\code
    2. Open laragon.ini in Menu > Laragon > Settings file: laragon.ini
    3. Put Editor=PATH-TO-EXE under [preferences]

    Note: If you extract outside Laragon's installation dir, you must put full path. For example:

    1. (Optional) Add to Right-Click Menu: Click Tools > Right-Click Menu > Add/Update Code & Terminal
      Note: You must run Laragon as Administrator to do that.

    Very easy huh. That's all forks!

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    Some pics:

    1. laragon.ini

    2. A Menu Item with caption "Code" will be appeared in Menu > Tools

    3. Tools > Right-Click Menu > Add/Update Code & Terminal
      0_1474391613491_Right-Click Menu.jpg

    1. The Windows Right-Click Menu is now has Edit with Code
      0_1474391402814_Windows Right-Click Menu.jpg

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