Favorite Plugin / Tool to push WordPress update to live wordpress site

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    Might you have any tips on pushing local laragon wordpress sites to a live site with ease? Right now, I just take a back up with All In One and upload it to the live site but I'm thinking there has to be a more fast solution?

    Maybe I can just push changes with a button, and make more updates locally, than push them again, etc..

    So the real benefit would be able to keep everything local / offline and ONLY push updates to a live site after receiving feedback. I would not want to use Github to track anything either. Minimal steps as possible.


    looks like https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/docs/getting-started/ MIGHT be the way to go.... https://wpsynchro.com/ seemed more promising at first but was giving me an error because I think it doesn't work unless your "initial" website is online.

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