How to setup https/2?

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    I am trying to do lighthouse tests on my local site (https://t21.test/), and its recommended to "Use HTTP/2".

    How can I implement this on laragon 4.0.16?

    The reason is - it makes a huge difference in scores, and I'm trying to improve speed.



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    Hello @iamrobert,

    I just did this a week or so ago and found it to be surprisingly simple. Here's how:

    • Stop the Laragon servers: Laragon GUI > click Stop button
    • Open httpd.conf: Laragon GUI > Menu > Apache > httpd.conf
    • In httpd.conf, un-comment the line 'LoadModule http2_module modules/'
    • In httpd.conf, below the line 'ServerName Laragon' insert a line 'Protocols h2 http/1.1' (without the quotes)

    You can verify that the HTTP/2 protocol is used with the developer tools for your browser.

    Information used (but not followed in all details, because it is for WampServer):

    Good luck and best regards,
    Henk Barreveld

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    Thanks so much Henk - that was super easy!

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