Nginx, Redis, Memcached, MariaDB, Apache and Varnish --> Live Online <---

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    Hi can you explain what to do to enable this for live environment with our own DOMAIN?
    Each and every step (newbie --> Laragon webhosting software)

    WampServer, WinNMP, Xampp ... etc ...were so easy to make as a live webserver for live online as there is so much videos and explanations online on how to do it with these software's.

    Unfortuntly its very sad there is nothing on this software on how to put it in a live enviroment.

    Those who want to take it to the next level like myself should be able to "at our own risks" I do not see any problem.

    Please I ask the owner or developer of this software or someone who has knowledge in how to do it in a easy fashion to post a link -->
    a video is much easier to follow on how to put this online with a registered DOMAIN and where to edit etc to make it go LIVE.

    Never been hacked through webshosting software on Windows in 20 years so I think with facts it's safe to say windows is just as safe as linux to host websites.

    I am willing to try this approache as soon as possiable.

    Thank You

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    laragon ---> No Answer <---

    so I have decided to ask the same question on a very popular website
    Canada Forum

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    Several people emailed me a few tricks on Youtube to put a Laragon project live online with a Domain.

    Thanks to them and the direction they showed me, so I came up with something defiantly easier so yes I am sharing what I did unfortunately not on this laragon forum SORRY THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT HERE due to this issue you can always come over and join and ask any questions related to this topic over there with the following url
    Canada Forum

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    @MarkAnthonyMtl : Sorry, Laragon was mainly developed for local dev/test environments.
    I'm to make a post to help you host live environment with cheap costs and less effort. Stay tune...

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    Thanks for your reply ~ !!!

    Sure that would be awesome, but please for the people to understand a video tells a story a millions times more.

    Also even better "between you and me" if you could make a video on how to get nginx, apache,. memcached, redis and varnich all working....this would be the ultimate fastest software to host a domain/website for the record on windows operating system!

    Also take note I been trying to get php opache to work unfortunately i think its a bug but every time it crashes and i have to disable it to bring the control panel back to life.

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    It would be my pleasure SIR to discuss the future of this amazing software that you provided to the public if your taking any ideas on how to make the #1 windows hosting software on the internet today oh yes please private message me (ill share my personal email) and ill be glad to try out anything extra you provide and I can share my personal experiences to make your software faster and combine the best lightweight windows server ever.

    Here is my outlook already in the past 15+ years WampServer, XAMPP and WinNMP (WTServer) unfortunately there slower in so many ways and its very disappointing because they had the lead in software many years ago.

    Remember I have never ever used LINUX ---> " I could just never understand the concept of the terminal commands " <--- so in other words I have learnt how to host Domains and Websites with windows 2000,xp,7,vista,8 and 10 You just need a decent mini computer that you can dedicate it only for webhosting and also a decent upload connection from your ISP and the rest is simple and you'll have your own server and software funning from home and you control everything also it's a bonus if you host your very own Email Server from home that way you have less people spying on you and your members emails. End result pricewise it's not about saving money its honestly about security and safety for yourself and others.

    I would love to see NEW improvements with LARAGON especially when it comes to LIVE ENVIROMENT DOMAIN & WEBSITES just a separate place with documents & tutorials ++ Videos A Bonus ++ with best configurations for best performance in a special section on this website please NOT this forum because its very hard to keep everything in 1 place.

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    Just take note I am not a professional with the whole cache system in how it works but what would work best in performance for cpu and faster page loading.

    Caching to the ultimate level to fully accelerate your website pages in seconds and bring load down on cpu.

    Php opcache, memcached, redis, varnish, apache, mariadb and nginx all combined into one. If this could be default pre configured settings for Laragon this would be so advanced today for a good start to hosting fast performance wise.

    This would be the ultimate mix

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