Laragon 5.0 released ---> Live "Production" <--- ??

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    I wanted to say Thank You for the upgrade BOSS !!!!

    Just curious though if you have anytime is it possible to include varnish ....
    So then with all of them working together varnish, redis, memcached apache, nginx with mariadb, perhaps a quick youtube tutorial on getting them to work together would be awesome with a Domain with SSL !!!

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    @MarkAnthonyMtl : Why do you need Varnish? It requires specific configurations per project.
    What is your favourite CMS/Framework?

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    Good question, just give me a few minutes and i will reply below with the best accurate answer possible.

    The platform I am using is a Bulletin Board MYBB

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    Okay the best answer I got is after hearing over the years concerning Linux users over on Youtube just they have always mentioned it would be in anyones best interest for a fast caching performance a good start is to be using Varnish, Memcached, Redis, and HTTP Caching.

    Unless that has changed over the years perhaps any suggestions would be great.

    I tried Linux for the first time in 20 years this year on my home server and i got hacked right away within 24hrs i was using Ubuntu 20 Desktop due to all the file permission rights I had forgotten. Anyways I am not a command or terminal type of person so that's another reason i am not using or bothering with Linux.

    All on Windows starting from Windows XP .....etc
    My first experience was using apache, mysql etc all separate when I first went LIVE
    I have used WampServer "it got very slow over the years" ---> Live Production
    I have used Xampp "it got very slow over the years" ---> Live Production"
    I was also using WinNMP formally known as WTServer and "it was buggy and no support" ---> Live Production

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