Is there an "easy" way to quick export a project?

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    Hi, I'm a new Laragon user. I was using Locals but now all that simplifications are not good to me.
    One thing that I've loved of Locals was the ability to export a website (files+sql) and import it in another locals installation.
    I used to work on two machine so this was a really handy feature.
    I'm not afraid to use cmd line tool but the question is:

    Is there a .bat, a command to export a wp website file and sql (maybe gzipped) and than import it without export the first the sq and then zip the www folder?

    thank you in advance

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    @PsyPeke Just 2 commands:
    Assume your project is located in: C:\laragon\www\my-project
    and your database is my-project-db

    1. Open Terminal Laragon > Terminal
    2. Dump MySQL:
    mysqldump.exe my-project-db > C:\laragon\www\my-project
    1. Create gzipped stuff:
    tar cvzf my-project.tgz    C:\laragon\www\my-project

    By the way, normal Laragon users don't need to do the above stuffs because they just copy the whole C:\laragon folder to another machine and that's all.

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