libssh2.dll icuuc66.dll are missing again! Php and Apache update doesn't help

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    Hello, Leokhoa!
    You know, I came upon the same problem, as 2 years ago..
    I installed your new release of Laragon:
    And when starting Apache, I got the same error messages:
    " libssh2.dll and icuuc66.dll are missing "
    Last time I updated apache and php, it had solved the problem, but now updating didn't help.
    What to do in that case, can you give an advice, please?

    Windows 7 X64 Pro

    Thank you!

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    Adding a new apache version httpd-2.4.48-win64-VS16 helped, no errors when starting apache.
    Now I'm testing PHP-8.0.6-Win32-vs16-x64, it seems without errors so far..

    That 5.0.0 release of laragon doesn't support SQL 8.0.25 ,
    I tried the solution from here:
    It seems to solve the problem, SQL 8 started, I didn't test local sites yet, if any issues will rise, I'll inform about it..

    So, now in my installation of Laragon the following components works:
    PHP 8, Apache 2.4.48 (VS16), and SQL 8..
    Seems no error reporting now, after testing sites I shall write about results

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    Well, a SQL database isn't possible to create at MySQL 8 version, some errors about password reported.. I have to use SQL 5.7.33 for creating database.
    So, now the following components versions are used:
    PHP 8, Apache 2.4.48 (VS16), and SQL 5.7.33
    I suppose, there is no way to use SQL 8 in Laragon at that moment.
    Hope, Leokhoa shall do something intetersting with that soon..

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