problem for install last version of php and apache

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    For a project with symfony, I want to update my php version to 8.0.4. So by following laragon tutorial for install new version of php, I change my php and Apache crash when i try my project.
    I conclude that I need to change apache. So by following laragon tutorial for install new version of apache, i change apache version and he crash when I try again my project.

    I don't have any information about this error, error_log say nothing, config file indicate php_module instead of php8_modules and I respect all instructions of both tutorials for install PHP and Apache. I even update laragon (my former version was downloaded it 1 year ago) and that change nothing. Can you please help me with my problem?

    For information:
    Old version PHP: php 7.4.8-Win32-vc15-x64 (thread safe)
    New Version PHP: php-8.0.7-Win32-vc16x64 (thread safe)
    Old version Apache: Apache httpd-2.4.35-win64-VC15
    New version Apache: Apache httpd-2.4.48-win64-VC16

    Windows -64 bits
    VC 15 & 16 installed and up to date

    Thanks you for your awnser

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    @Jersey276 the previous version of Laragon (< 5.0) has a known problem switching to PHP 8.0. The fix is to upgrade Laragaon to 5.0.

    If you are not ready to upgrade the fix with Laragon 4.6 is:

    1. mod_php.conf, change php8_module to php_module, see PHP 8.0 (8.0.0alpha1) testing anyone?
    2. VS16 is required, see PHP 8.0 (8.0.0alpha1) testing anyone?
    3. PHP extensions are not automatically registering in php.ini, see Don't support PHP8?

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    Thanks for your awnser,

    About your differents point :

    • php8_module is already changed into php-module
    • I already have VS16
    • php extensions have been updated with extensions of former config
    • i'm at Laragon 5.0
    • Apache crash again evenwhen i fix my laragon with your proposition

    Thanks you for your proposition


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    @Jersey276 : What are the errors in Apache's errors.log?

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    @Jersey276 : I see no error so what makes you think Apache "crash"?
    Also, does the crash occur with other projects?

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    @leokhoa : Apache crash with all other project (bara php, laravel,...)

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    @Jersey276 Do you have any images that describe the crash?

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