Cmder in IDE change PHP version

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    Hello, I'm working on multiple projects with different PHP versions.
    When I'm going to work on project with different PHP version, I change PHP version in Laragon. The web then works on change PHP version.

    But, when I'm using cmder inside IDE (PHP Storm), PHP version will stay the old one. I can restart laragon, restart termial in PHP Storm, no change.

    PHP version in CLI will change, only if I click on Terminal icon inside Laragon.
    I'm guessing it is becouse of Enviroment settings, which are refreshed/reloaded after click on Terminal icon.

    Is it possible to make something, what will help me to, no to have to click the Terminal icon?

    Now I have in PHP storm set to open CMDER like this:
    alt text


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    @Autista see laragon > docs > isolated

    Just click Menu > Tools > PATH environment variable > Add Laragon to Path

    You then need to Log off and back on for the path to be added to all terminals (CMD/ Shell / Terminal etc.)

    One point to note: if you change PHP version, you need to run Remove Laragon from Path, log off and back on. Then Add Laragon to Path log off and back on!

    The new PHP version will then be available in all terminals.

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