How to configure phadmin to use python 3.8 from within laragon?

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    Backup via pgadmin cannot work because it search for python38.dll


    So I installed python into laragon into the path C:\laragon\bin\python\python-3.8.9-x64


    The I opened the file C:\laragon\bin\postgresql\postgresql-13.2-1-windows-x64-binaries\pgAdmin 4\venv\pyvenv.cfg

    I entered this configs

    home = C:\laragon\bin\python\python-3.8.9-x64
    implementation = CPython
    version_info =
    virtualenv = 20.0.20
    include-system-site-packages = false
    base-prefix = C:\laragon\bin\python\python-3.8.9-x64
    base-exec-prefix = C:\laragon\bin\python\python-3.8.9-x64
    base-executable = C:\laragon\bin\python\python-3.8.9-x64\python.exe

    Restarted all (Laragon itself but also the pc)

    I still have the pythonw.exe error which cannot find python38.dll

    I tried with pgAdmin 4 configuration, without success


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    @realtebo : Can you copy the python38.dll and put it to C:\Windows\System32

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