Stale PATH values in laragon.cmd after version changes

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    First, thank you for an amazing piece of software; I've used Laragon more times than I can count and am still discovering new things that are built-in that continue to impress me.

    My issue is this: after using the Laragon right click menu to change the version of a managed dependency / bundled application, let's say changing NodeJS from v12 to v14, the Laragon config file (/user/laragon.ini) gets updated immediately, but the file that contains the string to get injected into the system PATH (/bin/laragon/laragon.cmd) remains stale until I manually click the "Terminal" button in the Laragon UI.

    Is there any chance that Laragon could be updated so that laragon.cmd gets immediately updated after a version change, the same way that the laragon.ini file is? Or, expose a command to trigger a refresh of this file, instead of requiring me to press the terminal button?

    Some more technical background:

    I'm trying to use Laragon with an alternative terminal program (Windows Terminal). I've already poked around and figured out most of what I need - in fact, I can run Cmder as the shell inside my terminal, complete with injected values, by:

    • Having my terminal program call cmder.bat
    • cmder.bat calls vendor/init.bat
    • vendor/init.bat calls laragon.cmd as part of its setup process
      • This is where the problem lies. I can run this init script as many times as I want after a version change, and unless I've manually clicked the "Terminal" button in the UI, the laragon.cmd file still has the old version values, so my PATH is incorrect

    PS: I've filed this under Help Wanted? in the chance that there is already an option to have this happen, or a command I can call. Apologies if there isn't and this should instead be a feature request.

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    @joshuatz : It should be a feature request :)
    I will consider it in next version of Laragon.

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    @leokhoa That is awesome to hear; I'll make sure to keep an eye out for future releases!

    Keep up the great work!

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