Create a custom or blank project with auto virtual host

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    Is it possible to have a 1 click quick create option for a empty project?

    Quick create > Custom: myblankproject

    • It will create a blank database called: myblankproject
    • Auto create a web folder: /myblankproject
    • Auto configure a virtual host:
    • Auto configure the windows host file:

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    Sure, it is very easy. Here how:
    Add this line to {LARAGON_ROOT}\usr\sites.conf


    Blank: The name you want to show in Laragon Menu
    C:\ path to an empty zip file. You can change it to C:\laragon\usr\ for portability.


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    Thank you loekhoa thats too easy it worked great.

    If anyone needs to adjust the virtual host settings for their blank project see here:


        DocumentRoot "C:/laragon/www/myblankproject/public/"
        ServerAlias *
        <Directory "C:/laragon/www/myblankproject/public/">
            AllowOverride All
            Require all granted

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