Error establishing a database connection and errors in phpmyadmin, no changes.

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    Fired up Laragon this morning and tried to access the site i've built in wordpress but i'm been met with these errors. I shut down last night and there was no issue with the build then and i've made no changes.

    Wordpress is saying - Error establishing a database connection

    I log into phpmyadmin and i'm getting depreciation errors, this is happening on all wordpress sites I have in laragon. I also try a new install of wordpress and I get error with that as well, so it's not isolated to the one site.

    Any ideas?


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    @nigelhathaway Have you recently upgraded your PHP version?

    IIRC, this error came when upgrading to 7.4.

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    No Haven't upgraded.

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    That's very odd. It seems to be trying to run pre-7.4 code on a 7.4+ installation.

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